Saturday, 26 October 2013

Autumn/Winter Vibes

Okay so today I had just a slight crisis....

I went on my computer and all my pictures, bookmarks and documents had gone. My whole account had gone so I have had to make a completely new one this morning which is super annoying.

^ sorry for the rant


As we are now in the Autumn Season I knew I should try and update my blog so that some of you can see which colours and type of colours will suit the autumn vibes.

 Outfit Number 1
I love this because it's cute and it looks really cosy. I think a key part of Autumn Style is it has to look cosy and cute. I like how they've combined darker colours with lighter colours here as well.

 Outfit Number 2
How could anyone not like this?!?! Autumn= Sweater Season! I absolutely love sweaters and jumpers and jumpers like this are just so warm and cosy and stylish. I also love the bag/rucksack thing because it just makes the whole outfit look more interesting and vintage.

 Autumn Ideas 
Maybe you'd rather only have one thing in your outfit that is autumn-y. You can get scarves almost everywhere, in different styles and colours. The great thing about scarves is you can put them anyway you want them and they are warm (which helps in our horrible English weather!).

 Autumn Ideas
Recently these lipsticks 'Baby Lips' have become soo popular! I think they are really great though because they are all different colours and look really nice (unlike some other lipsticks). So if you are looking to brighten up your makeup collection, then head to somewhere like boots to get some of these!!

I think you can buy Baby Lips in most good drugstores like Superdrug and Boots.

 Watch this video by Zoella if you want even more information on Autumn and Winter Essentials! Xx
 Thanks for reading!